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Hanah Silk Ribbon Rippins Belt

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This is a perfect project for Hannah Silk Ribbons. Most patterns for the Rippins call for a mix of mohair, glitz or a fluffy something. We say try it solo! And on a big needle. One rippins bag goes quite far and is a light and airy textural display of stitches. A simple lace pattern takes on the shape of a belt -- pointy on one end, straight on the other. Push the point through a beautiful Victorian buckle and tack the straight edge to the belt bar. Voila!
Here's the pattern:
1 bag Hanah Silk Rippins
U.S. 35/19mm needle
Cast on 11 stitches. Work in lace pattern.
Row 1) Purl
Row 2) K1 *yo, K3, Sl1, K2tog, psso, K3, yo, K1*
Repeat to end. Bind off.
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