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Sports Vest
Described in the 1917 Corticelli Lessons in Knitting and Crochet book as "One of the newest models in sports garments... This one is knit in teazle yarn and is very handsome in Joffre blue with colar and ornamental rings crocheted in yellow silk. Three crocheted buttons fasten the vest in front. A crocheted cord of the blue is run through the rings at back and fastens around the waist under the coat. The vest is knit from neck down, with no seams except at the shoulder."

Needles: One pair, No. 5 knitting needles

Cast on 75 stitches. Knit 6 rows in plain Garter stitch, always slipping the first stitch. 7th row: When knitting up from bottom, knit 43 stitches, turn, and knit back to bottom. Next row: Knit up 47 stitches, knit back to bottom, knit up 51 stitches, knit back to bottom, knit up 55 stitches, knit back to bottom, knit up 59 stitches, knit back to bottom. Continue in this manner until the whole 75 stitches are knit on one needle, which will leave you at the neck; turn and knit to the bottom, and when knitting back to the neck end, widen one stitch each time on next to last stitch until there are 85 stitches or 10 widenings (this is widening every other row). Then cast on 6 stitches at the neck (making 91 stitches on the needle), knit back to the bottom.

Next row: When reaching shoulder, narrow one stitch every rib for 16 ribs (leaving 75 stitches on needle). Beginning at shoulder, bind off 18 stitches for armhole.

Next row: Decrease one stitch at armhole and repeat on every rib for 7 ribs (leaving 50 stitches on needle). Knit 4 ribs even, and on 5th rib at bottom bind off 8 stitches, knit 2 stitches, bind off 8 stitches (leaving 34 stitches on the needle, being 2 stitches knit separating the opening for belt). Beginning at armhole, knit 32 stitches, cast on 8 stitches, knit 2 stitches, cast on 8 stitches and knit 2 ribs more.

Next row: Increase 1 stitch on second stitch from bottom and on next to last stitch at armhole and on each of next 2 ribs increase 1 stitch at armhole, but not at bottom. Next row: When working up from bottom towards armhole, increase 1 stitch on second stitch from bottom and cast on 16 stitches at armhole end of needle for finish of armhole. Increase 1 stitch on second stitch from bottom every third rib for 6 increasings altogether at bottom, and every rib at shoulder for 16 increasings; there should be 91 stitches on the needle. This will finish widenings at both shoulder and bottom. Knit 18 ribs even for back of neck and reverse directions for other shoulder and front. Sew up on shoulders. Crochet three buttons with yarn for front.

COLLAR: The collar is crocheted in honeycomb stitch. With sweater silk ch. 16 stitches; always ch. 1 to turn. 1st row: S.c. 2d row: S.c., taking up back half of stitch.

3d row: S.c., taking up back half of each of the 2 rows below together and work these off as in regular s.c.; repeat this last row for 8 inches, then make 11 s.c., turn, work back; next row make 5 s.c., turn, work back; next row work all the way across an back, then make 5 s.c., turn and work back; next row make 11 s.c., turn and work back. Now make 8 inches in s.c., as in beginning. These short rows make shaping for back of neck; place this shaping at exact center of back of neck and sew to fronts.

Take 8 large white rings and cover them with the yellow sweater silk in d.c.

For collar, fasten silk at one corner of band on end, make chain 2 inches long and fasten into top of stitch on one of the rings, chain 2 inches and fasten to center of end of collar, chain two inches and fasten to ring about 1 inch from other fastening, chain 2 inches and fasten to other corner at end. Make other end the same.

CORD: With the wool, ch. 2, make 8 s.c. in second ch. from hook, work around and round in s.c., taking up the front half of stitch until cord is long enough to go around waist, draw this cord through opening on one side, from the under side, so it will come across back and through the 6 rings and fasten one ring on each opening on sides, then arrange the other 4 rings at even distances apart across back and tack rings and cord across back, leaving the rest of cord to fasten around waist under coat in front.