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More than 60 patterns, many from "Fleisher's Knitting and Crocheting Manual," 1922. Click each image for details.
Three children's classics Vintage, but stylish A choice of necklines Extra-long cardigans
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Art Yarn

Debbie Bliss
Juniper Moon


Louisa Harding

An heirloom blanket image: knit baby blanket

Dozens of free patterns
image: knit bed socks

A Hanah Silk belt
image: knit silk belt
Seven great scarf ideas
image: knit wool scarf
Try your hand at bags
image: knit hat
Two alpacas Lots of squares Chains and blocks Pick your stripes
A subtle stripe Colorful possibilities A loose sweater A hip-length sweater
Sweater Hat, scarf sets Sweater with belt, cap Kimono
Cape, skirt and dress Two sweaters Kimonos An 'Indian' sweater
2 medium-length sweaters Long, short sweaters 2 medium-length sweaters Breakfast coat and slippers

Image: Simple knitted necklace
Classic, funky necklaces

Hanah Silk Ribbons Rippin belt

3 beaded head pieces

Our whimsical egg cosy

Image: Knit bobby cap
Bobby cap

Striped bed shoes

Miriam sweater

Image: Knit sacque sweater

Image: Set of knit items for baby
A complete set for baby

Imake: Knit babykin sweater
Babykin sweater

Image: Knit Rosemary cap
Rosemary cap

Sport vest

Helmet snood

Woman's leggings

Full-length sweater.
Image: Knit Snow Drop bonnet
Snow drop bonnet
Image: Knit snow drop sweater
Snow drop jacket
Omage: Knit hood

Image: Knit Miriam cap
Miriam cap

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