Free knitting images, Page 1

Click on each image to get the larger file and copy that to your computer (the first 18 are the largest). Decorate mugs, notepaper or refrigerator magnets, or just display them on your computer. Check your crafts store for ideas. And check back later - we have more to add. Click here for Page Two.
Image: Hen knits leggings for her chicks
Image: Two rabbits knit in front of egg house Image: Woman drops knitting to kiss lover Image: Cartton of woman knitting
Image: Dutch girl knits with rabbit Boy, girl knitting on New Year's
Image: Mother rabbit knits, father smokes Image Image: Woman standing with knitting on floor Photo: Young girl with hat, knitting Image: Coca Cola ad with woman knitting


Image: Grandma knits Photo: Two Dutch girls knit Image: Life magazine, woman knitting Image: Needlecraft Dutch girls Image: Dutch girl with hat knitting Image: Acme Soap knitting ad
Image: Woman knits, bot with dog watches Image: French post card, woman knitting Image: Just like grandma Image: Dutch girl with skein of yarn Image: Postcard, girl knits with Cupid Image: Norwegian spinner with wool
Image: Irish girl knits in doorway Image: Young woman knits Photo: French woman knits Image: Woman knits in dark room Image: Woman knits thinking of soldier son
Photo: Girl knitting Image: Grandma teaches knitting Image: Dutch woman knits with child Image: British postcard, girl with tangled knitting Image: Two Dutch girls knit
Image: Woman knits with knitting Image: French post card, three women knit for soldiers Image: Woman in hat knits Image: 2 Dutch girls knitting Image: Knitting hag and gnome Postcard: Woman knits with fireplace
Image: Dutch woman, daughter knit Image: Woman, child knit Photo: Bulgarian women knitting Photo: Welsh women knit Image: Knitting for a soldier Photo: Young girl in lace hat knits
Image: WWI cartoon of girl knitting Image: 3 Dutch girls knit Image: 3 Dutch girls on stools knit Image: Woman, child knit Postcard: Young woman knits Click here for more knitting images on Page Two.