Louisa Harding: 'Modern Classics'


More than 20 timeless designs for hand knitting.

Louisa Harding says:

"The idea for this book was to produce a collection of classic hand knitwear designs, designs that never date. The sweater or cardigan that you want as the constant in your wardrobe, the one you can pull on knowing that it will feel comfortable. In turn, it will make you feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. The modern element comes from the up-to-the-minute yarns that are used."



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Lace vest

Textured heart sweater

Fitted, textured sweater, angora

Fitted sweater, turtleneck

Fair Isle sweater

Cable pullover

Basic sweater, cropped

Basic sweater, full length

Panel jacket

Fitted cardigan

Short-sleeve, V-neck fitted sweater

Relaxed cardigan

Cable-and-lace sweater

Lace cardigan

Nautical stripe sweater

Shawl collar jacket

Cable-edged tunic

Fitted sweater, short-sleeved

Fitted textured sweater, angora

Twin set

V-neck cardigan

V-neck cardigan, lace

Long-line jacket

Sloppy Joe