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Louisa Harding: 'Gathering roses' - The Design Collection


A collection of fourteen designs for hand-knitted garments, using Louisa Harding yarn. (Yes, the yarn is in stock - check it out HERE.)

Buy the pattern book: Price: $15.95

Louisa Harding says:

"The inspiration behind my selection of yarns was evoked by a memory triggered by my 4-year-old daughter. Recently I found her collecting fallen flower petals and putting them into a bowl. As a child, I also gathered petals from my mother's garden, put them into a large mixing bowl and marvelled at the wonderful colours and textures. Smooth, waxy petals and soft fluffy stamen that stained your fingers and their overwhelming heady perfume.

"Flowers play an important part in the person I am. They draw me with their colours, their shapes, their intricacies. I always like to be surrounded by them, a reminder of how clever nature is, the way it knits together many different elements to create one perfect bloom."



Nightshade: Knitted in Kimono Ribbon
Sorrel: Knitted in KimonoAngora and Kimono Ribbon

Heather: Knitted in Impression, Fauve and Kashmir Aran

Violette: Knitted in Kashmir DK
Marguerite: Knitted in Impression Cecille: Knitted in Kimono Ribbon and Sari Ribbon Orchis: Knitted in Sari Ribbon Hazel: Knitted in Fauve
Rosa: Knitted in Kimono Angora, embroidery in Kimono Ribbon Prairie: Knitted in Sari Ribbon Celandine: Knitted in Kimono Angora Snapdragon: Knitted in Fauve, Kashmir Aran and Sari Ribbon
Snapdragon: Knitted in Fauve, Kashmir Aran and Sari Ribbon Rosa: Knitted in Impression
Rosa: Knitted in Kashmir DK, embroidery in Sari Ribbon

Evelyn: Knitted in Fauve

Willow: Knitted in Kashmir Aran, embroidery in Kimono Ribbon